Christmas cards or how to make your own

I was doing some Christmas cards today and would like to share the process with you.

Tools: thin markers or flomasters (I used red, white, gold), moosgummi, paint roller with sponge, xacto knife, paper for card (250-300g/m2), snowflake stamp that you can buy at local hobby art shop or you can make it from moosgummi glued on cork, tempera ( I used white:). Get some paper towell and surface you’ll work on so you can cut and paint on it. And apron!:)


1. Draw and cut motif in moosgummi. You can cut moosgummi in dimensions of the card and inside that format cut out your motif. I cut out ornament and Christmas tree.

2. Place the motif on the card and with sponge roller apply psint on it. Make sure paint got to the edges of your cut motif.

3. Add snow flakes with stamp around the motif. If you are making the stamp, do this:

Cut the circle from moosgummi, glue it on the cork (make sure the circle is the same dimensions as cork), when it’s dry, draw snow flake on it with thin stick or toothpick. Voila!

4. Decorate with markers.

5. Post it in comments!