Fun and Creative – Pattern Design

How to be creative with colors and textures

Patern Joy

Playing with textures was always interesting to me. I still have that secret wish to become pattern designer and to make home decor and other exciting things where all the crazy patterns can be applied.

One of the patterns I made was this one, named Joy. It’s bright colors and joyful design were the base for it’s name.

Pattern Joy was made in one of the course I attended few years ago.

Pattern JOY

I was following one of the rules in making patterns – you need to make several layers so the pattern has depth.

Although, I really like simple patterns, especially in illustrations.

I really like the black one. It looks like a child drawing. It was printed (I think I used stick or sponge) on paper with black paint, and then the colors were inverted digitally.

This is also printed with cardboard on paper. I like to use handmade stamps. Can you see that the same pattern is used for blue and for white branches? I just flip them.

The first pattern is the finished version, combined out of all the others that are shown after it.

How to make 1 pattern out of 4 pictures with different textures and colors
Joy – coordinate pieces

Little playing with textures and color in app and voila!

Can you find all of the patterns in the finished version?

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